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A good reminder that so many children go without things we take for granted. This article was meant to find me today as I was pondering what act of kindness I planned to complete in honor/memory of my co-worker Jason Herold‘s son Harrison. So today I’m planning to share the gift of books with others. ‪#‎harrysjoy‬ ‪#‎harrysjoy28‬

Because he couldn’t buy books or a bus pass to the library, he’d been reading ads.

For our 3rd year wedding anniversary tonight Phillip and I decided to go out to eat for dinner but we did not buy any gifts this year for ourselves. Instead we left our sweet waitress a generous tip for ‪#‎harrysjoy28‬. It felt really nice spending money on someone else. We are so happy to ‪#‎carryharry‬.

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Today is the 28th, sweet Harrison would have been six months old today & I would see a cute picture from Darcy Hertzberg Herold of her precious boy with his big contagious smile. Today we honor Harry with a random act of kindness. Please see Darcy’s blog below and feel free to join us in spreading joy like he showed us every day of his life. My CarryHarry act today was a Starbucks gift card to the cleaning lady.

Anna Garwood

We are collecting school supplies in honor of Harry and giving them to kids in need at my school for the beginning of the year. Thanks!

Sent out a few “pick me up” note cards today to those in need – couldn’t do a lot while on bed rest but wanted to spread ‪#‎harrysjoy28‬ – xoxo

Holly Hager 

We are a little limited right now in terms of our “randomness of kindness” and we will get better in the coming months. However, today my mother and Laurel let me sleep for about 3 hours and I spent the evening introducing Laurel to her new cousin. Haven’t stopped thinking about Harry all day. Like I said – we will get better in the coming months of spreading Harry’s joy once I get out of the house. ‪#‎HarrysJoy28

Today, in honor of Harrison, Sophia wanted to give flowers to someone we didn’t know. We picked up flowers and a gift card from a local grocery store and gave them to the next person that walked in. Honored to be a part of spreading ‪#‎harrysjoy‬ and look forward to doing this each month!

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 I spread Harry’s Joy today by making a donation to help an injured kitty at Good Mews Cat Shelter in Marietta, GA. ‪#‎harrysjoy28‬

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Nikki Pealer

We paid for the person’s order behind us at Sonic tonight. We loved honoring Harrison today! ‪#‎harrysjoy28‬

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To celebrate ‪#‎harrysjoy‬, I left a higher tip than normal for the room service delivery person. He didn’t speak strong English but I explained to him why I was giving it to him and that it was for sweet Harrison. Joel was genuinely concerned and wanted to know how he can pay it forward and promised he would. He asked the details several times (ex. on the 28th? etc) I am so proud of you Darcy and Jason for making the best of this situation. It will no way compare to Harrison being here but today, he’s remembered and it’s just beautiful. God is smiling on your strength.

Today we spread Harrison’s Joy! We donated some clothes to those in need! We will look forward to the 28th of each month to remember Harrison and spread his joy! It is truly amazing to see his impact on the world

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Today, I sat an extra 20 minutes with a resident in the nursing home I work for and kept her company because she was worried and didn’t know where she was. ‪#‎harrysjoy28

Christi Thielke Graham 

I helped a friend clean out closets to get ready for a garage sale.

 Lyndsey Miller

Today is a special day., today we honor Harrys joy. A coworker/friend lost her 4month old in june and today he would have been 6 months old. They have asked that on the 28th of every month we honor Harry and the joy he brought. Today we were happy to do so and to honor him we spread Harrys joy by taking flowers and a thank you card to our daycare provider to let her know how special she is and how much we appreciate her.

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Today we honored Harrison by making an early donation to a local fundraiser for Special Olympics in Nevada, Mo at Kitchen Essentials.
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Ali Gillette

Duncan Academy will be honoring Harrison every 28th of the month. This month we raised $217 for Parenting Children with Special Needs and made them all cards. ‪#‎neverforgotten‬ ‪#‎Harrysjoy‬

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This blog is being done by my cousin, Darcy Hertzberg Herold. Through a course of events, her and her husband lost their beautiful baby boy.

Through their grief, they’ve come upon what I think is a beautiful way to honor their son Harry’s memory. On the 28th of each month, they want to spread whatever joy to whomever they can. They leave it up to us to decide how we want to do this. It doesn’t have to cost money or be a big event. Just some way you can think of to make someone else happy and joyful, like Harry did for his family.

Today I’m making brownies to bring to work tomorrow in memory of Harry. This I know will make them happy, even if they don’t understand why I did it. Me and Harry know.

If you decide to join in on the 28th of any month, please go to Darcy’s blog and tell her what you did for Harry’s memory. She would like to publish all the bits of happiness and joy that we bring to each other in Harry’s name.

Completed my random act of kindness in honor of ‪#‎harrysjoy‬ by taking the postal services workers hot fudge sundaes! They were overjoyed saying “did you bring US treats???!!” I’m pretty sure it’s a thankless job so it felt good to say thank you at the encouragement of Darcy Hertzberg Herold and Jason Herold in honor of their son Harrison. You can join too and on the 28th of each month by simply being intentionally kind. Use hashtag #harrysjoy so his parents can see his legacy of sharing joy!
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Sara Kirk Schneider's photo.

Anna Starks, Sarah Anderson, Diana Dickey 

Purchased school supplies for local families in honor of Harry today! We are so happy to be able to keep his spirit with us while we are giving to others!

Karen Hertzberg (aka Harrison’s Nana)‎

I honor of Harrison, I paid for two orders behind me at Sonic. I left cards for them with www.harrysjoy.com listed. Maybe they’ll look at our story.

Heather Gardner

 I spread Harrison s joy today at the Sedelia Kmart when I bought the cashier her favorite candy. Harrysjoy.com
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Tammy Appleberry via Amy Appleberry Hertzberg

My mom just called to tell me she had a RAK run right into her. She was at Walmart about to leave and noticed a lady with her arm in a skin struggling with her cart and groceries so mom got back out of the car and helped her. She said, “you know we should all do this more often. It feels so good.”

Amy R Karst-Herold 

In honor of Harry, we bought lunch for the person behind us in line. I cried the whole time. I’m pretty sure the cashier thought I was a nut job. However, my nieces and Aidan thought that our “act of kindness” was the coolest thing ever. We will continue to remember Harry and spread his joy! Love you all

McLagan and Mitchell Gang

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Christine McLagan's photo.
Christine McLagan's photo.
Christine McLagan's photo.
Doug took the kids around the neighborhood to give water to people working in this heat to honor Harrison! We love you guys!!

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My random act of kindness today in memory of Harrison. I bought this gc & asked the cashier to apply it to the next customer.

A random act of kindness was made possible by a lost dog who was very thirsty needing to find his way home. My son put him in my fence and we called vet and gave the number on his rabies tag. I gave him cool water, and his owners were contacted. Totally unplanned….this one’s for you Harrison!

Katie Habjan Lueck 

Today our family mailed two just for fun gift packages to help spread some of Harry’s Joy.😊

Kayla Hartley South
Darcy. This is for Harrison. I’m traveling today so I had to be a little creative. I bought a gift card and left it with the cashier to cover as many people’s coffees or teas as it could. God Bless you Harrison. #harrysjoy

Eric and Nealy Peters

This sweet family just welcomed their 4th beautiful child into this world.  While still in a hospital bed they spread joy!!

It’s the 28th day of the month so today we will spend our day by putting smiles on some of the RN’s at Shawnee Mission Hospital. Our RN was the first of many who will be receiving a gift card for some coffee! Keeping Harrison’s memory alive! Love you guys!

Blake and Amy Hertzberg

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We spread joy to 24 people out in the heat today

Mcall & Meyer Family

The above cupcakes were made for their dear friend plus they shared some with us.  Thank you!

The Suri Family

Hey Darcy and Jason! I know we are a few days early and Harrison’s 6 month bday isn’t until the 28th but we had a Harrison evening tonight and talked about him and donated clothes and gave some money to the children’s miracle network. Here is a message: Beck says “we are thinking of you Harrison” and Tru says ” we are thankful for you Harrison” His joy lives on!

The Biswell Family
Hello! We are a little early for the 28th but a family in need kept popping into my mind…and then while picking up my kiddos at VBS, I heard a mom say “Hi Harrison!” I took it as a sign that we had to do something 😊 I learned about a family that lives near us with 2 kids who lost everything they owned in a fire Monday…I talked with my kids about Harrison and spreading kindness to remember him…and then we talked about what we could do for this family in need. They excitedly gathered toys and helped me go through bins of clothes…GG insisted on including some of her artwork 😊 I added a note to the parents explaining your Harry’s Joy remembrance project with your blog address…and a request that they join in once they get settled again…I hope this one small act if kindness in Harrison’s name brings you some peace and happiness, if only for a moment…we think of you all often and send lots of hugs and prayers your way!

Kim Cumming’s Cool Experience 

Darcy wanted to share a brief moment early this morning that reminded me of Harrison. Parker and I were at the grocery store. After darting back and forth across the store several times we were finally ready to check out. I had purchased a coffee from the Kaldis coffee stand in the store. The lid pops off and lands on the disgusting floor. So now I have a large hot coffee sitting in front of my 1 year old completely vulnerable to being spilled all over him. Instead of going to get another kid which was all the way across the store I decide to handle it away from Parker until we get home. A nice older couple gets in line behind me and notice I had dropped my kid. The man offers and goes to retrieve a new lid for me because he said he notices I have my hands full. He goes all the way across the store to get me the new lid. Such a small act of kindness but was such a huge gesture to me. Completely touching. I immediately thought of Harrison and the monthly acts of kindness to celebrate him. Such a small thing but what a difference it can make. Just thought I would share that with you.