I am a mother of two beautiful boys; one in my arms and one in my heart. I am a wife to a strong, sensitive, caring, loving husband. Who still also happens to be a normal human-being. We live a typical life in suburbia. We are both full time working parents. My husband is a physical therapist and I am a sales manager for a medical company. We are spiritually strong, but religiously disorganized. We are responsible, yet flexible in life. We are dependable and scattered all in the same breathe. We are a normal every day family.

We have walked many journeys in life but in the past three years the most intense and rewarding has been the journey of parenthood. With our first child, we have experienced having a 35 week “wimpy white boy” with severe colic and severe asthma. With our second son we experienced a club foot journey followed by the unrelated loss of his life. Through this blog I hope to remember our journey, connect with others, honor our children, honor our marriage, and inspire others.