Our home is full of heavy hearts for the victims in the Paris attacks.  So many people lost sons, daughters, parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, and friends. It brings me back to the days immediately after our loss.  I know the survivors are struggling with, “why?”  “Why the hell would ANYONE cause intentional harm to completely defenseless and innocent people?” 

 Surviving family members will also be haunted with questions like, “What if… They didn’t attend that concert or go to that restaurant?”  “What if they would have left sooner?” The first few days are the darkest days of grief. Dealing with loss that could have been prevented!  Loss that should not have happened.

So what can we do to help?

1. Change ur profile picture! I’m serious! When we lost Harrison my sorority sisters and friends changed their profile pictures to sailboats (our sorority symbol). This was amazing to see massive outpouring of support. It shows you care! We can’t understand their pain, but we can  express that we care!

2. Honor Paris! I encourage everyone to do an act of kindness to honor Paris. Just say, “This is for Paris.  Pay it forward.” We can reacted to the horrible act of evil with LOVE and PEACE! So let’s do it!!! And share your act of kindness on Facebook! I Know Paris will see it!

 I’m also going to tell you what helped me during those first few days.  Maybe through the use of social media this post will find its way to the victims families and provide support.

1. Your loved one Matters!  While there life ended too soon it is just as important and significant as some who lived 100 years.

2. There is NOTHING in your power that would have changed the outcome.  Nothing will bring them back.  It’s not your fault.  

3. I encourage you to honor their life.  Honor them with love for others.  Your love for them is endless even after loss.  Carry them with you by showing love for others.  At first the process of honoring will feel knumb like putting one foot in front of the other.  You will be mad that you are doing acts to honor them instead of having them in your arms.  But eventually you will find joy in the process.  Joy that is a constant reminder of their importance.

4.  Accept help!  You can’t do it all right now and that is ok.  Let others hold you up.  But don’t stop participating in life.  Allow your friends and family to distract you.  Spend time with the people who care about you.

5. Write down your memories.  Tell your story over and over.  Don’t hold it in.  Talk about it and write it down often.  The memories will fade and you will want them to reflect back.

Paris victims, I am personally thinking of you often and I am incredibly sad for this horrible unfair act of evil.  It’s not fair!  It sucks!  And I will honor you this week with one daily act of kindness to show you I care!